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What’s in our name

The name "ID Est Communicatie" stems from Latin. "Id est" is usually abbreviated to "i.e.", stands for "which is" or "which means" and is used to introduce an explanation, illustration or proof point of the preceding. At the same time "ID" refers to the international word "identity" to illustrate that uniqueness and authenticity are considered a precondition for successful communications.


ID Est Communicatie uses a multifaceted network of professionals and offices specialized in media, communications and information. This way, flexibility and continuity can go hand in hand.

ID Est Communicatie is proud to be affiliated with Westmeath Global Communications, a global network of accomplished communications professionals who create accurate and convincing communications programs that motivate and encourage individuals to act. The ultimate goal is to deliver programs that drive revenues, increase customer loyalty, attract and retain employees and give back to the community.

Joost J. den Haan

ID Est Communicatie was established in 2011 by communications professional Joost J. den Haan, after a solid 25-year international career in corporate communications. During various positions at a.o. Douwe Egberts and Sara Lee Corporation he obtained deep expertise in all communications disciplines as well as in complex communications challenges. Most recently he served as Vice President at the U.S. based Sara Lee Corporation where he held responsibility for the company's international communications. Additionally he had a seat in the management board of the Dutch organization. A deeply rooted passion for the communications profession now lies at the basis of ID Est Communicatie.


ID Est Communicatie

Joost J. den Haan

tel. + 31 6 5321 5856


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Over the years we have served a colorful and broad variety of individuals and organizations.

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