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True authenticity

Founded in 2011 and based in The Netherlands, ID Est Communicatie is a consulting firm, offering communications strategy for positioning, reputation and organization.


Trust and authenticity are critical to the success of all communication processes. Putting the clients' personal identity and corporate character at the heart of everything we do is what sets ID Est Communicatie apart from many of its peers.

Not a "desired image" or "target reputation" but your beliefs, your values, your purpose and -most of all- your actions make you authentic.

"Actions are the new words in a world that is infinitely transparent"

Words alone are just not good enough. We develop strategies for actions that justify your words. This means that we do not just tell you what to say and how to say it; we also tell you what you can DO... to say what you want to say...

Way of working

We serve individuals and companies with a stated desire to create or improve authentic communications. This includes improving personal skills, but also optimizing existing processes and structures within an organization or team.

You will get from us what we ask from you: unbiased, honest and sincere feedback. Sometimes this may be bold and direct. But it will never be boring, unreal or unfair. Colleague, conscience or counselor. We seamlessly blend in and adapt to your needs.

Consulting services 

Communications Strategy, Reputation and Brand Management, Messaging and Positioning, (Social) Media Relations, Employee Engagement, Crisis Communications and Issues Management, Media and Presentation Training, Interim Management, Ghostwriting, Executive Coaching, Fly on the Wall.

What's in our name?

The name "ID Est Communicatie" comes from Latin. "Id est" is usually abbreviated to "i.e.", stands for "which is" or "which means" and is used to introduce an explanation, illustration or proof of the foregoing.

At the same time "ID" refers to the international word "identity" to illustrate that true authenticity is a prerequisite for successful communications.


ID Est Communicatie uses a versatile network of professionals and offices specialized in media, communications and information. In this way, flexibility and continuity can go hand in hand.


ID Est Communicatie is proud to be affiliated with Westmeath Global Communications, a global network of experienced communications professionals who create accurate and compelling communications programs that motivate and encourage individuals to take action. The ultimate goal is to deliver programs that drive revenues, increase customer loyalty, attract and retain employees and give back to the community.

Key industry expertise and clients

Over the years we have successfully served a colorful and broad variety of individuals and organizations, representing industry categories in Food, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Consultancy, Retail, Advertising, Startups, Nonprofits and Healthcare.


Our highly respected clients include: Albert Heijn, Royal Douwe Egberts, Aviko B.V., MARS Nederland, Royal Cosun, LyondellBasell, SOS Children's Villages, Jones Day, Royal Wessanen, Sanoma Media, Sara Lee Corporation, TRND, avrotros, FNLI, iPM Partners, FleishmanHillard.

Joost J. den Haan

ID Est Communicatie was founded in 2011 by communications professional Joost J. den Haan, after a solid 25-year international career in corporate communications. During various positions at mainly multinational organizations in the United States and The Netherlands he obtained in-dept expertise in all communications disciplines and in complex communications challenges. Before starting his own firm, Joost served as Vice President at the U.S. based Sara Lee Corporation where he held responsibility for the company's international communications and corporate social responsibility. He also had a seat in the management board of the Dutch organization Royal Douwe Egberts. A deeply rooted passion for the communications profession is now the basis of ID Est Communicatie.

tel. +31 6 5321 5856              info@idestcommunicatie.nl              LinkedIn

ID Est Communicatie helps you unleash your (corporate) character and prevent difference between that character and the reality of your behaviors and actions. By shifting from sparklers and sound bites to facts, evidence and proof we make you stand out and build lasting credibility with your audiences.

In fact, we help you put your mouth where your heart is...