True authenticity

Founded in 2011 and based in The Netherlands, ID Est Communicatie is a consulting firm, offering communications strategy for positioning, reputation and organization.


Trust and authenticity are critical to the success of all communication processes. Putting the clients' personal identity and corporate character at the heart of all its communications is what distinguishes ID Est Communicatie from many of its peers. Not a "desired image" or "target reputation" but your beliefs, your values, your purpose and -most of all- your actions are what makes true authenticity.

"Actions are the new words in an environment that is infinitely transparent"

Words alone are just not good enough. We develop strategies for actions that justify your words.

This means that we do not just tell you what to say and how to say it; we also tell you what you could DO... in order to tell what you wish to say...

ID Est Communicatie helps you activate your (corporate) character and prevent gaps between that character and the reality of your behaviors and actions. By shifting from sparklers and sound bites to facts, evidence and proof we make you stand out and establish durable credibility with your audiences. In fact, we help you put your mouth where your heart is.

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